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You Can Vote For Anyone You Like. As Long As It’s The Duopoly

The following is a snippet from author Barry Eisler. I found it much to late to share in a timely fashion. However his post still adds perspective to what I feel is the actual turmoil we face moving forward. It is unfortunate that so few share in this concept and unsurprising that I had to go outside mainstream opinion to find it. Please continue to his site for an extremely well written “hard truth” take about an practice that effects us all.

I supported Obama and voted for him in 2008. His rhetoric and specific promises were inspiring. But he’s betrayed so much of that rhetoric, and so many of those promises, that I think it would be a mistake to reward him with a second term.  I’m not talking about being disappointed with a president who fails to fulfill his lofty promises, or who tries but fails to implement various changes because of an obstructionist Congressional opposition (the usual excuses trotted out for what isn’t really the problem). I’m talking about being outraged at a president who has in numerous key areas done the extreme opposite of what he promised. Who promised a reversal of the Bush-era extremism and instead has deliberately entrenched and extended it.

continued on The Heart of The Matter

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